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Aaron Aude

Aaron Aude is a Partner and Director of Healthcare Solutions and is based in Cincinnati. He is one of three authors of our ebook “Go Beyond Email with Office 365: How to Drive Adoption of a Collaborative Digital Workplace.” During his career, he has helped people work better together in many different companies across the U.S. and abroad. Aaron has had the opportunity to develop applications, design and architect solutions and help direct venture capital into innovative ideas. He got his start in technology working out how to capture and calculate cardiac output in American lobsters.

How Healthcare and Technology Navigated Us Forward in 2020

The year 2020 ushered in a new period of science and technology. We discuss how technology and science intersected, and what that could mean for healthcare.

Technology, People and the ‘Collaborative Pyramid of Needs’ in the Age of COVID-19

We must align our increasingly complex technologies with the increasingly complex human needs they meet as we move up the Collaborative Pyramid of Needs.

6 Steps to Quickly Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Need to quickly get started with Microsoft Teams in response to COVID-19? Here’s a six-step process that keeps it as simple as possible. 

Go Beyond the Network to Meet the Work-at-Home Challenge With Modern Microsoft Tools

OneDrive and SharePoint network file sharing an excellent solution for remote work challenges.

Demystifying the “Modern Workplace:” Six Characteristics

The Modern Workplace changes how employers and employees view the workspace. Technology opens a new world of options for a productive environment.

Microsoft Office 365 Boosts Workplace Collaboration

In this excerpt from our ebook, we address a growing need by businesses to accelerate workplace collaboration, not bound by location or tools.

Making Traditions and Memories

Lesson learned: Email can wait when you're making memories. "You might see snow tonight." For me, this was a first. I had never heard this phrase on summer vacation. The fellow checking us in making this statement with anticipation, eager

Coders Hope to Inspire Future Technology Innovators by Teaching Kids to Code

Perhaps innovation is the intersection between curiosity and experimentation? That’s why, we coders embark on a mission to inspire our kids.

How Social and Digital Tools Can Improve Workplace Results

At Centric, we apply new technologies as well as combine digital and social tools to ensure team collaboration and create results.