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Business Anywhere

The future of business is remote and digitalWe can guide you there.


We are in a new world. Customers, vendors and suppliers expect to do business anywhere, with seamless, online interactions —  even for smaller companies and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Employees need easy access to systems, data, information and team members so they have the ability to work anywhere, anytime. And talent is everywhere — if you have tools to tap it, the policies to channel it, and the culture to enable it.

Our Vision: Business Anywhere

As a company that pioneered remote work more than 20 years ago, we understand the challenges ahead and are ready to help our clients navigate them.

Our digital-first vision, Business Anywhere, provides a blueprint for building more resilient organizations that maximize customer engagement, business operations and enterprise services for digital execution and workforce transformation.

When businesses are fully engaged digitally across all channels and mediums, their customers, vendors and suppliers enjoy optimized interactions. Employees not only have access to the resources they need for remote and virtual work, but can also create remote cultures that allow them to work together physically when needed — leading to an agile, hybrid workforce. And organizations are positioned to enhance their talent pool with freelancers, contractors and gig workers from around the world.

The Benefits of Business Anywhere

Business Anywhere is a holistic, upstream-and-downstream approach that benefits the entire enterprise.

  • Customer loyalty grows alongside revenue as customers experience and share more efficient, personalized digital interactions.
  • Employee retention and productivity improves with workers’ freedom to work anywhere, anytime.
  • Global access to talent erases geographic boundaries and lowers costs for stronger financials and greater long-term prosperity.
  • Optimized data access empowers customers, vendors, suppliers and employees to get the right information at the right time.
  • Remote-work technology, policies and culture lead to greater access and security with lower overhead costs, easier-to-access data, and happier employees, freelancers, contractors and gig workers.
  • Automated, advanced analytics deliver data visualization and metrics to make decisions in real time.
  • High-performing, networked virtual teams collaborate easily and flexibly across the organization, yielding scalability, autonomy and distributed decision-making.

The Journey to Business Anywhere

Achieving a business anywhere vision can seem overwhelming. That’s why we have created a custom framework to help your organization determine how to embark on the journey.

Building on our remote-work experience, we have identified six interdependent areas that are critical to business anywhere success. Our assessment framework prioritizes those areas based on your business needs before directing specific tactics to address the most critical areas first. The six areas include:

Customer Experience

Businesses must understand and assess customer needs for better sales and marketing, product and service delivery, and relationship management.

  • Assess customer needs and how well the client is meeting them
  • Define experiences with empathy that solve complex business problems
  • Determine solutions and accelerate getting them to market
  • Customize solutions to benefit the client’s business
  • Embed capabilities that make customer experience a strategic mechanism


Traditional employees, remote resources and gig workers need a blend of in-person and virtual interaction in an environment of trust.​ 

  • Enable key skills to help employees thrive in a digital, business anywhere environment
  • Equip and coach executives and managers to lead virtually
  • Empower and equip high-performing teams
  • Define selection criteria, practices and metrics for top performance


Internal and external omni-channel approaches must allow the workforce to focus on value-added activities.

  • Ensure consistency across processes
  • Remove process inefficiencies
  • Link processes across systems while migrating mundane work to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics process automation technology
  • Establish a process-first organization and culture


Full life-cycle cloud services and enterprise collaboration solutions must work together to enable a digital working experience.

  • Move apps, data and processes to the cloud for Modern Software Delivery
  • Increase accessibility, scalability, flexibility and efficiency through modern designs
  • Replicate the desktop experience on any device
  • Use Modern Workplace solutions so employees can maximize a full digital working experience
  • Deploy a modern, cloud-ready intranet and remote work technology across the enterprise


Customers, suppliers, vendors and employees need easy access to real-time, relevant data that supports continuous app development, process improvement and operational excellence initiatives.

  • Design a maturity plan for business and IT competencies
  • Enrich decision making with modern analytics
  • Improve business outcomes through data-driven process engineering
  • Build a modern, flexible platform to power reporting, analytics and AI


Organizations must put the customer and employee experience first to be agile, digitally optimized business operations.

  • Activate strategy and customer experience
  • Design flexibility into the corporate structure
  • Guide investment in critical value-creation areas
  • Enable lateral and vertical movement

Our Guide to Becoming a Digital-First Organization

In this white paper, we lay out our approach to providing the perspective and major components needed to become a more modern organization.

It involves creating an inventory of pain points and opportunities, and then identifying barriers and solutions to achieving your digital-first vision.


The Hybrid Workplace is Here: Now What?

In today’s ever-changing world, modern businesses need a model that combines virtual and in-person work. But how do you build a hybrid workplace that preserves your company’s culture, productivity and information security?


Our leaders are fully committed to Business Anywhere as an overarching framework to help our clients thrive.

We have invested decades of experience in building an office-optional culture that uniquely qualifies us to deliver:

  • business-aligned, execution-oriented roadmaps
  • blueprints for building our clients’ customer, supplier, vendor and employee experiences
  • remote-work operating models that contribute to workforce well-being and productivity

Partnered with the best in the business.

For a firsthand look at our remote work business model, read “Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture With Virtual Teams.”

CEO Larry English tells the story of how our virtual consulting firm started — and how companies can follow suit with an office-optional culture.




Resources to guide you on your Business Anywhere journey

We have collected the best thinking from our thought leaders on topics ranging from building great remote cultures and permanently adopting remote work to conducting self-assessments and crisis communications.

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