Microsoft Teams Frontline Worker

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Innovate Your Manufacturing Processes

About the Authors
Michael McNett

Michael McNett

Centric Alumni

Michael has experience helping organizations become more productive and gaining a competitive edge by improving their teamwork and collaboration capabilities. Mike also has nearly 30 years of experience in building and leading teams and organizations while an Officer in the United States Army (1983-2012) where he served in a variety of leadership and technical positions including being the Director of the Continental United States Theater Network and Operations Security Center and the Chief Information Officer of both the National Defense University and the United States Military Academy.

Valerie French

Valerie French

Senior Manager | Modern Workplace

Valerie has experience in the Microsoft collaboration stack, including Microsoft Teams. Valerie has worked with Microsoft 365 technologies for more than ten years. She specializes in governance, adoption and change management and is a certified Microsoft facilitator. When she is not working with clients, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her children.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Putting Collaboration on the Line

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