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Colin McGee

Colin McGee

Colin has developed and embedded customer experience capabilities for Fortune 500 clients for 10+ years. He leads our Experience Design Practice and the company’s digital transformation and modernization efforts for financial services, automotive, and retail clients, increasing revenue while decreasing cost-to-serve measures. He believes in designing solutions rooted in data and empathy to remove subjectivity from design.

Integrating AI into DesignOps: Better Products, Faster

AI tools can streamline the product design process. When used with DesignOps, and AI for product design delivers better products faster.

The Importance of Design in Citizen Development

The citizen development movement is here to stay, but organizations must include usability and design in their efforts to ensure adoptions.

Usability Testing: The Importance of Using It in Your Product Design Process

We explain three stages of usability testing and why you need to include it in your product design process.

Modernization + The Voice of the Customer: Flying with Southwest

Southwest Airlines recently left thousands of people stranded. Learn how to avoid such crises by integrating a modernization program with VOC.

Customer Understanding and Digital Analytics Integration

As we wrap up our customer understanding blog series, we look at how to keep the customer in mind when using modern digital analytics.

Use Customer Understanding Techniques to Design Optimal Processes

Some of the customer understanding techniques you use for customer experience (CX) design can also be used for process design.

Observational Interviews Aid in Gaining Customer Understanding and Empathy

As part of qualitative research for customer understanding, observational interviews showcase the pros and cons of your customer experience.

Customer Experience Management Starts With Customer Understanding and Empathy

The costs of not investing in an overarching customer experience management (CXM) strategy can be much great.

Don’t Forget About Journey Mapping to Gain Customer Understanding and Empathy

Journey mapping is a method for identifying friction in customer journeys. Its power is acting as a mechanism that removes the risk of pain.

Qualitative Research – Like In-depth Interviews – Helps with Customer Understanding and Empathy

In this blog, we focus on effective qualitative research, specifically diving into the importance of the in-depth interview.

3 Core Constructs for Digital Solutions To Help Grow Your Business

Before investing in new digital solutions, your organization must adopt several core constructs to make customer experiences thrive. 

Voice of the Customer, Your Organization’s Key to ‘No Matter What’ Success

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a powerful tool that can be your beacon to decision-making and understanding your customers' changing needs.