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Integrating AI into DesignOps: Better Products, Faster

AI tools can streamline the product design process. When used with DesignOps, and AI for product design delivers better products faster.

The Importance of Design in Citizen Development

The citizen development movement is here to stay, but organizations must include usability and design in their efforts to ensure adoptions.

Is Design Thinking Included as Part of Your Core Business Strategy?

Design thinking helps you be customer centric, not simply to to defeat competitors, but to delight customers.

How Design Systems Streamline the UX/UI Process for Your Business

Integrating a design system into your business can help you improve your user experience and strengthen your digital brand.

Usability Testing: The Importance of Using It in Your Product Design Process

We explain three stages of usability testing and why you need to include it in your product design process.

Modernization + The Voice of the Customer: Flying with Southwest

Southwest Airlines recently left thousands of people stranded. Learn how to avoid such crises by integrating a modernization program with VOC.

Creating Modern User Experiences for Insurance Agents, Policyholders and Prospects

How we improved CompSource Mutual's digital experience for its employees and customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Gain Better Insights from Your CRM Webinar Recap

Learn how to take your customer understanding to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in our on-demand webinar.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Gain Better Insights From Your CRM

Our customer experience, data analytics and Microsoft experts explain how D365 can be optimized to gain a full 360-degree view of your customers.

What is the Digital Customer Experience?

A good digital customer experience is a crucial part of your business strategy. We explain what it is and how you can give your customers what they want.

Slide the Empty Chair Closer to Understanding Your Customers: A Guide for Gathering Research and Insights

Want to close the gap between perceived customer expectations and reality? Research, data and insights are your answer.

Customer Understanding and Digital Analytics Integration

As we wrap up our customer understanding blog series, we look at how to keep the customer in mind when using modern digital analytics.