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Low-Risk Solutions for High-Value Business Problems
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Breakthrough Solutioning delivers low-risk, high-engagement consulting sessions designed to help you solve your most valuable business problems quickly. 

Successful businesses today have adopted a new kind of operating model. Built on modern, “Test & Adapt” approaches, it delivers the agility needed to prioritize goals, streamline processes, allocate resources and use technology more efficiently. Some of these businesses are experiencing productivity gains of over 20%-40%.   

In this competitive environment, your business needs a way to evaluate problems rapidly in a low-risk setting and assess possible solutions quickly. Building on our deep knowledge of modern business problems, we developed Breakthrough Solutioning to meet our clients’ growing need for more rapid problem-solving.

What Sets Breakthrough Solutioning Apart 

Unlike Scrum sprints, which are components of much larger Agile initiatives, Breakthrough Solutioning is perfect for organizations engaged in short-term, high-value projects. focused on: 

  • Successfully launching, accelerating or recovering major initiatives  
  • Driving team collaboration and enhance alignment across the organization  
  • Quickly isolating and addressing impediments within critical programs  
  • Delivering quick results cost-effectively 

Shorten the Time to Results

Because Breakthrough Solutioning events are so concentrated, you can achieve results much more quickly than other approaches to problem-solving. 

Our three event formats range in length from 2-4 hour discovery sessions to weeks-long rapid launch events, depending on whether you are seeking Clarity, Alignment or Results. 

for Clarity

Do you simply need to make sure everyone understands an issue facing your companyTry a 2-4 hour Breakthrough Solutioning Workshop for up to 7 people on a pre-determined topic. 

Workshop in Action: We helped a wholesale food distribution company better understand how to roll out a new project portfolio management and reporting process. 

Discovery Sessions
for Alignment

Do you need to make sure everyone is on board with a new initiative, understands its purpose and what success looks like? In as little as half a day, we can align 7-20 people around your objective. 

Discovery Session in Action: We helped a family-owned athletic and tennis club build alignment around their overhauled back-office systems and processes. 

Proof of Concept
for Results

Do you have an initiative that has stalled or is not delivering the expected results? We can help deliver breakthrough acceleration of your objectives in a 2-4 week Breakthrough Solutioning Proof of Concept engagement with 1-2 work sessions. 

Proof of Concept in Action: We helped a mid-size mutual insurance carrier develop a Proof of Concept for using robotic process automation (RPA) to speed document processing.


Breakthrough Solutioning Benefits

Breakthrough Solutioning events deliver many other advantages:

  • Diagnostic Assessment: Understand your current state, identify and prioritize solution opportunities, and determine actionable next steps​ 
  • Innovative Solutioning: Leverage cross-functional, out-of-the-box thinking to identify creative solutions ​ 
  • Execution Acceleration: Quickly isolate and address impediments negatively impacting cost, schedule, performance or customer satisfaction​ 
  • Team Alignment: Enhance cross-team cooperation, consensus, and commitment to a common cause​ 

Ready to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about how Breakthrough Solutioning can help you with topics such as:

Accountability, Turnover, Post-Merger Integrations

Business Operating Model and Root Cause Assessments

Near Term Communication, and Scalability and Growth Planning

Organizational Alignment, Ready for Launch, and Pre-Mortem


The Technology Behind
Breakthrough Solutioning 

Breakthrough Solutioning is perfect for the technology driving today’s hybrid work environment. With 20 years of experience as a remote company, we have deep knowledge of the collaboration platforms needed to engage employees in events from anywhere.

While we prefer Microsoft Teams because of its security and functionality, we can also support teams working in platforms such as Miro, Mural, Session Lab, Zoom, WebEx and others. 

In addition, we use video and screen share technologies to emulate face-to-face, in-person experiences for more effective interviews and focus groups. These technologies also provide opportunities for live, in-line collaboration on documents.  

Meanwhile, in-line chat enables discussions and the use of side-bars for breakout sessions. In-line whiteboards allow groups to present or confirm concepts, arrange and prioritize ideas, and visually engage participants. 

The result is a powerful event that delivers “in-real-life” experiences, build consensus and yield results. 

We love our clients.

Ready to learn how Breakthrough Solutioning can help meet your growing need for more rapid problem-solving?