In this episode of Biz and Tech Talks, we hear from Traci Whetzel about Salesforce’s role in the world of CRM tools.

Over the years, Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM) have become ubiquitous, and Salesforce has been leading the charge. A pioneer of software as a service, Salesforce is a major player with its CRM tools and more.

In this episode of Centric Biz and Tech Talks, we listen to Traci Whetzel talk about her background with Salesforce and what she’s learned from it. What does it take to make a Salesforce implementation successful? What should executives consider in planning for implementation, as well as for the operational organization needed afterward? Among other things, Traci touches on the skills required and the community resources available.

Traci looks to the future as well as the past. Salesforce has significantly contributed to making CRM a common tool used by organizations worldwide — how it moves forward to meet today’s challenges will continue to impact organizations.

Those looking to build a team, a business capability, or their career with Salesforce can all learn from Traci’s abundant experience with this tool.

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