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Tom Ujvagi

Tom Ujvagi

National Practice Lead | Business Consulting

Tom has a strong focus on developing tools and methodologies that can be leveraged across multiple companies, programs and projects. Tom has served in numerous roles over his nearly 20-year career and has always maintained a focus on continuous improvement, whether through process, technology or the convergence of the two. Follow Tom on Twitter.

Keep Improving While Remote With Operational Assessments

As companies grapple with what’s next, you still need to work on improving their current operations. To start, you’ll need an operational and capability assessment.

Technology: What’s the Right Way to Automate a Process?

Automating a process isn’t a quick fix. Before introducing new workflow technology into your workplace, first, evaluate existing processes.

The 3 Types of Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS)

When choosing a business process management solution (BPMS), you need to know the three different types available to your company.

18 Tips for Living and Working During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Adjusting to social distancing and working from home can be challenging, but finding ways to schedule breaks, get outside, and engage in activities with family can help maintain a sense of normalcy.

Getting Started: What is a Process Assessment? Why Do You Need One?

Before you can fix a broken process, you need a process assessment. We define what it is, why you need one, and how to get started.

Process Excellence: Think Big, Start Small, Act Quickly

While every company has different needs, the path to process excellence should start with: "Think Big. Start Small. Act Quickly."

What Can Process Excellence Do For Me?

When embarking on a process excellence journey, companies should look at business value across six different areas.

Management Contradictions

Tom Ujvagi discusses major management contradictions encountered on a daily basis and offers suggestions for finding the right balance.

Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) Success: A Project or Program?

Companies that want continuous improvement should never truly declare a Business Process Management Solution project as complete.

Business Process Improvement with One Simple Question

The most important business process improvement question may seem simple, but in this blog, you learn that “why” is a powerful question to leverage.

What Does a Business Process Management Solution Offer?

In the final blog in this series, our experts review what a business process management solution offers to improve your business processes.

Why is Business Process Management So Important?

BPM play a critical role in helping companies achieve their strategy by aligning resources, technology and supporting structures.