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Joseph Ours

Joseph Ours is our Modern Software Delivery Practice Lead. He has over two decades of experience in IT and team management. He has a background in crafting strategies for modernizing technology practices for organizations. He is a leader in aligning IT delivery with business value and has a successful record of providing project and portfolio management of large technology initiatives.

Modernization + The Voice of the Customer: Flying with Southwest

Southwest Airlines recently left thousands of people stranded. Learn how to avoid such crises by integrating a modernization program with VOC.

Remote Work with Agile Teams: What You Need to Know

We share a few tips you can do immediately to help your newly remote agile team maintain their connection and productivity.

What is Modern Software Delivery? Software Delivery at Speed and Scale

With Modern Software Delivery, speed is everything. The question is, how can my organization truly achieve software delivery at speed and scale?

To Automate or Not to Automate (Right Now)? That is the Question.

With DevOps, your organization can be more productive and profitable by automating the right processes at the right time with the optimal balance of machine and human interaction.

Advocating Responsibility for Technology: A Proactive Approach to Gaining a Competitive Edge

Reactive organizations turn to technology to solve problems, while proactive organizations view it as an accelerator for growth.

DevOps Meets the Need for Speed in IT

With DevOps, you can create a high-functioning, purposeful and instinctive technology delivery organization that meets the need for speed.

Want DevOps to Work? Get Your Business and Technology Teams to Work Together

Learn how to apply DevOps principles by taking The Phoenix Project Business Simulation Workshop. Read about the business problem and how this course helps.

Learning to Learn

To be an effective software tester, you have to learn how to learn to develop the right skills. But, what is the path to learning?

QA or the Highway Columbus: From Dream to Success

Learn about Joseph Ours' vision for QA or the Highway, an affordable, one-day conference for Columbus area professionals in QA and testing.

Why You Need Female Testers on Your Team

Cognitive differences between men and women only serves to strengthen IT testing and development. Women testers can bring valuable insights.