What Your Pen Test Isn't Showing You: A Live Hack

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Have you ever wondered what a cyber attacker sees when they target your organization? 

Make no mistake, cyber-attacks are a matter of when, not if. Yet too many pen test approaches merely ‘check the box,’ offering superficial relief, but little in the way of actionable remediation insights your security team can put to use. Now is your chance to see behind the screen and discover what vulnerabilities the average pen test misses. 

  • The methodologies that a comprehensive penetration test should include. 

  • The differences between a vulnerability scan and a comprehensive pen test approach.  

  • A live network attack demo simulated by an industry-leading offensive security expert. 
  • Key questions you should be asking to assess your pen test provider’s capabilities.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to assess your penetration testing approach to ensure that you’re being given a comprehensive view of your organization’s attack surface. You won’t just hear stories – you’ll see a firsthand demonstration of what the threat actors don’t want you to find out.   

During the webinar, our Cybersecurity experts cover:

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