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Maximizing Project Management with Microsoft Teams

Project management tools can be great for handling tasks but what about collaboration on all aspects of a plan? Microsoft Teams has a solution for all of your project management needs. In this webinar Centric Consulting's Enterprise Collaboration Teamwork Lead, Michael McNett, begins

4 Steps for Project Prioritization During Coronavirus

As organizations approach their portfolios amidst the coronavirus crisis, they need to be careful when choosing the best projects to focus on now.

Enterprise Project Management Success: Begin at the Beginning

To have success with Enterprise Project Management, you have to start at the beginning, addressing the issues causing inconsistency.

Project Success: Begin at the Beginning

Learn how to effectively define and mobilize a project. For every investment made, companies must continually work to improve ROI and assets deployed.

Project Management and International Travel Have a Lot in Common

As an avid traveler, I've noticed a few comparisons worth noting between my work in project management and my passion for international travel.

Request Intake Process: Why Your IT Department Needs One

Request intake processes are beneficial to growing businesses, helping IT to understand a specific request, capture demand and much more.

Good Project Managers Always Have Connections

Ever wish you knew someone who could solve your project issues? It's time for you to be that project manager that knows someone who will.

3 Ways to Lead with Cultural Intelligence for Project Success

Introducing cultural intelligence in your organization will give you and your company the edge you need for project success.

How to Know When to Change Your Project Lineup

Do you know when it is time to change your project's lineup? John Kackley discusses what goes into a decision to change things up.

Three Critical Components of the Annual Project Planning Process

In this series, we explain how to lead a successful project planning exercise, including how to identify, evaluate, and select projects.

Annual Planning Process: How to Identify Your Projects

A PMO can demonstrate their value by playing a consultative role, gathering the right information and establishing a project intake process.

Client Spotlight: Witt/Kieffer Gains New Data Insight

Chicago partnered with Witt/Kieffer, a premiere executive search firm, to move the company from a variety of reporting tools to an interactive dashboard.