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Applying Change Management to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Our white paper discusses the importance of change management in healthcare, especially when dealing with digital transformation efforts.

How Agile Transformation Is Revolutionizing Non-Software Industries

We explore the universal benefits of Agile transformation and provide real-world scenarios of Agile’s impact in non-software industries.

46 ChatGPT Business Use Cases

Here are some of the best ChatGPT business use cases to emerge so far, but ChatGPT’s future is just getting started.

Improving Healthcare for People Experiencing Homelessness with Microsoft 365 and Teams

How Centric Consulting’s Modern Workplace team and National Healthcare Practice helped a nonprofit organization better serve the unhoused.

2 Digital Health and Medical Technology Trends to Watch This Year

We share two digital health trends: Hospital at Home and Remote Patient Monitoring. Learn how these trends can improve life for providers and patients.

Boosting Pharma Logistics Fulfillment Center Efficiency

We partnered with our client to embark on a business process and transformation initiative that reduced manual work and removed technology constraints.

How Automation Improves the Healthcare Insurance Claims Process

We walk through how you can use automation in your healthcare insurance claims process to improve both the patient and employee experience.

Use-Case-Driven Provider Contracts in a Healthcare Insurance Company

To illustrate how a business use-case-driven investment in analytics can impact a healthcare organization, let’s consider total cost of care.

How to Apply Use-Case-Driven Solutions in a Healthcare Organization

To arrive at a technical solution that actually solves the business needs of a healthcare organization, you need a use-case-driven approach.

Total Cost of Care: A Key Metric for Your Healthcare Organization

We’ll show you how one key metric, total cost of care, directly supports becoming a data-driven healthcare organization.

Greg Foster to Speak at NC HIMSS Fall Conference

Greg Foster will speak at this year’s NC HIMSS fall conference about the need for data-driven insights in healthcare.

Key Features of a Healthcare Analytics Platform

In our white paper, we discuss the key features and solutions of healthcare analytics platforms and how these help you be a data-driven organization.