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Facial Recognition for Fun and Profit: How Any Technologist Can Get Started With AI

Shawn Wallace explains how to get started with using AI for facial recognition in the conclusion of our CampIO blog series.

Look Ma, No Hands (to Control My Drone): My Perspectives on CampIO 2020

For this part of our CampIO series, Chris Martinez expounds on a previous project and shares how he revived this to even further enhance his drone.

Working in Bars: Generating Music Through Deep Learning

As we continue our CampIO series, Eric Galluzzo shares how he used a generational adversarial network to write music.

Blog Series: CampIO 2020 – A Look at Some of Our Most Innovative Ideas

During this blog series, we'll hear from a handful of our most creative technologists as they share their ideas and innovations from CampIO 2020.

Biohacking the (Aging) Distance Runner’s Body with Artificial Intelligence

In this part of our CampIO blog series, Carmen Fontana shares how she biohacked the runner's body using artificial intelligence and IoT wearables.

Top 5 Things I Love About CampIO

We're kicking off a blog series about CampIO -- a hackathon of sorts for our technologists -- by sharing few of the reasons our employees love it.

How We Created an Award-Winning Innovation Culture, and You Can Too

To create an innovation culture, organizations need an executive sponsor and passionate explorers who generate ideas and receive feedback.