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Jay Barnhart

Jay Barnhart is a senior technical manager and Dynamics 365 CE Co-Lead for our National Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS) Practice. Jay has over twenty-five years working with the Oracle and Microsoft technology stacks. He has worked on numerous ERP implementations, hundreds of Dynamics 365 CE consulting engagements, and other large-scale implementations. When not working, Jay enjoys golfing, kayaking and fishing.

How to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Export Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Export Service (DES) can help you achieve near-real-time replication to harness your data’s power within your organization.

[Case Study] Centric Improves Oracle’s Cross Platform Transportable Tablespace (XTTS) Utility

Migrating databases from different operating systems with Oracle's XTTS utility can be slow and painful. But we figured out how to accelerate the process.