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Lindsey Gorkowski

Lindsey Gorkowski

Senior Solution Architect | Microsoft Dynamics

Lindsey has specialized in Dynamics CE for over 11 years and has helped countless clients with successful implementations of D365. With a strong background in process improvement and training, Lindsey strives to help clients get the most out of their solutions. She calls Melbourne, FL, home, where she spends her free time on the beach with family and getting to watch the space shuttles launch from her backyard.

Microsoft CRM Through the Years – A Look at the Product Evolution

We look at an overview of the various versions of Microsoft CRM and its evolution into the Dynamics 365 products we know today.

How to Create Icons for Custom Entities in Dynamics 365 CE: A Comprehensive Guide

Enhance your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement system by adding your own icons to custom entities. We walk through how.

How to Use the New Functions Included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave Releases

We will provide a breakdown of activities to complete for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 feature release adoption.

Is Your CRM Solution Meeting Your Business Needs? A Guide to Evaluating Your Current Solution

In this blog, we walk through how to evaluate your current CRM solution and provide a potential option for you to consider.

The Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform Release Planner: 4 Benefits

We explain four benefits of using Microsoft’s release planner to stay abreast of upcoming feature releases and updates.

How To Create a File Field in Dynamics 365 Model Driven Apps

Enhance your Dynamics 365 system by adding file fields directly to a record to manage individual documents and files.

How To Create a Project Template Function in Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Enhance your PO system with pre-built project templates. Learn how to extend Dynamics 365 Project Operations to create and manage templates in this blog.

5 Questions about Using Power Platform’s Low-Code and No-Code Tools

When developers first encounter Power Platform’s low-code or no-code tools, it may feel like drinking from a fire hose. Microsoft’s online resources help.