Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Manage the technical and organizational challenges of migrating to the cloud
that brings mature digital collaboration to your workforce.


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Whether you’re migrating from network file shares, on-premise solutions, or cloud-to-cloud, we have a proven process that not only addresses the deployment of digital assets to Microsoft 365, but also integrates adoption and change management communication plans as key components of bringing digital transformation to your organization.

Moving emails to Outlook or deciding between OneDrive, MS Teams, or SharePoint as your file storage solution, requires a good understanding of the Microsoft 365 platform and how these specific solutions complement each other to bring mature digital collaboration and creativity to your workforce.

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Our Microsoft 365 Migration Services

We partner with you to build a detailed communication and migration plan that best leverages Microsoft 365 as your cloud solution…*ADD: xyz benefit to customer*


Reaping the Rewards of a Modern Workplace

OMNOVA’s current workspace – comprised of legacy Microsoft on-premises tools and third-party applications – was making it difficult for employees to stay engaged and productively collaborate across the organization.

Our team of experts not only properly configured the technical solution to their requirements, but also applied a viable transition strategy that helped both employees and IT administrators adjust to this new way of working.

Read how we helped OMNOVA meet its goal of creating a secure modern workplace with the power of Microsoft 365.


Our Other Microsoft Related Services

Our Microsoft 365 services extend beyond the technical configuration to include adoption and change management, and operational governance to ensure users adopt the tools and technical teams can manage the new environment.


Interested in Microsoft resources? Download our ebooks to learn how to ensure adoption of Office 365 and achieve a better ROI on your Teams investment.

Get the Inside Track on Microsoft Teams

In our ebook, The Inside Track on Microsoft Teams: Your Formula for a Winning Security & Governance Strategy, learn how to implement a clear security strategy and a governance plan that ensures Teams is well-tuned to the needs of your organization.

How to Drive Adoption of a Digital Collaborative Workplace

Read our ebook, Go Beyond Email with Office 365: How to Drive Adoption of a Collaborative Digital Workplace,  to find practical, pragmatic advice to help you navigate the use and adoption of Office 365.

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Bring mature digital collaboration and productivity to your workforce through Microsoft 365 migration.