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Driving Cloud Transformation and Employee Innovation at Hilldrup

Our security engagement with Hilldrup, a moving and logistics company, grew into a cloud transformation project.

Innovating With Cloud Technologies for Business Growth

Integrating cloud technologies can drive business growth. We share key benefits, strategic implementation, and real-world success stories.

Top Considerations for a Successful Utilities Cloud Migration: What You Need to Know

In this blog, we outline the advantages and concerns for utilities companies before migrating to the cloud.

Transitioning to the Guidewire Cloud for Insurance

Moving to the cloud is a heavy lift. Migrating to Guidewire Cloud is no exception. Consider these points before making the switch.

How a Strong FinOps Foundation Can Transform Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Without a strategy, cloud migration can be complicated. We explain how to build a cloud migration framework founded on cloud FinOps.

Top Insights to Power Up and Energize Your Utilities Oracle Practice from OUUG 2023

Our Energy and Utilities team headed to San Diego to attend the 2023 Oracle Utilities Users Group conference. Here are our favorite takeaways.

Cloud TCO: The Foundation for Fiscal Migration Planning

As we continue our FinOps blog series, we focus on building a total cost of ownership plan for cloud transformation.

How to Successfully Prepare for an AWS Migration: The Mobilize Phase

In our second blog about the phases of AWS Migration, we discuss the mobilize phase, walking you through the eight core areas to consider.

Cloud FinOps: Aligning Cloud Adoption with a FinOps First Mentality

As we kick off our FinOps blog series, we give a high-level overview of the four primary areas of cloud transformation cost optimization.

How to Successfully Prepare for an AWS Migration: The Assess Phase

Preparation is an important step in your AWS migration. We break down the assess phase and tools to use to make planning go smoothly.

Migrating to the Cloud with Microsoft

Get to know the cloud and why it makes sense for your business to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft.

Creating Repeatable Processes for Complex Cloud Deployments

How we helped a company use repeatable processes to upgrade technological dependencies, containerize applications, and deploy them to the cloud