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Migrating to the Cloud with Microsoft

Get to know the cloud and why it makes sense for your business to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft.

Strengthening Carrier Integration Using a Guidewire Accelerator

How we helped Servpro automate the handling of First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information and become the preferred vendor of Mercury Insurance

Get to Know Microsoft Synapse: Three Benefits of Using the Tool

Dive into the benefits of Microsoft Synapse, sharing three reasons to consider using the tool for your next data and analytics project.

Powering M&A Migration with Microsoft Azure

How our Microsoft Azure Modernization team used Azure to manage a complex application and data cloud migration to the cloud for a business transition

Upgrading to the Cloud for a Better Data Platform

We helped a generic drug sourcing company streamline their data management using Platform-as-a-Service in the cloud.

Navigate What’s Next in Government and the Public Sector: Going Beyond Scalability and Reliability with Cloud Migration

Government organizations have an opportunity to transform through cloud migration as they navigate what's next in technology.

Couch Convos: The Ins and Outs of Cloud Adoption

In this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we look at how companies can successfully migrate their business data into the cloud.

Introducing Quantum Computing into the World of Energy and Utilities

While the utilities industry has long struggled to integrate new technologies, the benefits of using quantum computing prove to be worth the effort.

[Podcast] Walking Through Elements of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we talk about planning for disaster recovery and maintaining business continuity.

Rapidly Deploying a Highly Secure, Modern Virtual Desktop

Corridor and Centric Consulting worked together to rapidly deploy a highly secure Windows Virtual Desktop, which provides employees with remote access from anywhere.

AWS WorkSpaces Enables Remote Work and Eliminates Hardware Purchases

Moving to remote work doesn't have to be a scary or expensive transition. AWS WorkSpaces offers a simple solution to keep you up and running without the need for additional hardware.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Part Two

An IT disaster can cripple any business. In part one of this two-part series, we look at the steps to take to develop your disaster recovery plan.