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Meet Your Problem Solvers in Cincinnati

Meet your problem solvers from Cincinnati who work to deliver an unmatched experience while providing solutions to your business challenges.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in Charlotte

Meet your problem solvers from Charlotte who always strive to deliver an unmatched experience just for you.

46 ChatGPT Business Use Cases

Here are some of the best ChatGPT business use cases to emerge so far, but ChatGPT’s future is just getting started.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in Boston

We want to solve your business and technology problems with solutions built for your success. Meet your problem solvers from Boston.

Your Guide to Growth Q&A: Looking Forward in Industry

In this blog series, we ask our experts to share their insights on the global market – where it’s going and how you can prepare for growth.

Financing Company Optimizes Outbound Marketing Using Predictive Analytics

How we helped a leading financial company use customer data to improve outbound marketing with a machine learning model

Meet Your Guide: Navigate What’s Next with Michael Dabrush

Michael Dabrush is a Manager in the Boston Operating Group with expertise in Financial Services and RPA implementations. He's also a college-level softball umpire and high school basketball referee.

Navigate What’s Next in Banking: Innovate the Back Office to Prepare for the Long-Term

To prepare the back-office for the long-term, banks will have to make internal workforce, process and technology changes to move from short-term to long-term.

Customer Experience Transformation: Improving Customer Retention With Business Process Management (BPM)

We share how we helped a large regional bank evolve its user experience and retain customers.

How Lenders Can Prepare to Service Small Business Loans Under the CARES Act PPP

Lenders that can quickly scale digital channels, workflow and reporting capabilities to accept new small business loans will be ready for the CARES Act PPP.

Leading Government Financial Organization Cultivates Cohesion in the Cloud

DevOps allows independent sub-groups to centralize applications and materials using AWS GovCloud at a government financial services organization.

Putting Software Delivery Process Efficiency into Practice: A Case Study

A life and annuity company achieved 20% process efficiencies following our approach in removing waste from software delivery processes.