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Nick Rahn

Nick Rahn

Architect | Operational Excellence

Nick Is an expert in business process management solutions (BPMS) and robotic process automation (RPA). Has worked with automation for over seven years and is located in Ohio. Nick loves problem solving, trying new things and working on his mini-farm.

20 Terms You Must Master to End Automation Confusion

The RPA market alone is expected to grow by more than 30 percent by 2030. But with all the automation terminology and abbreviations, where do you start?

How to Optimize Your Automation Program

We walk through how to optimize your automation program on an organization, operations and enablement level in this blog.

Refocus on RPA Support and Maintenance to Avoid a Bot Project Breakdown

RPA can speed processes, improve quality, make customers happier and free up employees if you prioritize support and maintenance.

Scaled Enterprise Automation: Adding Scale to Your Automation Program

As we continue our enterprise automation blog series, we discuss how a center of excellence can help you scale your automation program.

How to Operationalize your Automation Program with a Center of Excellence

In part three of our enterprise automation blog series, we discuss how a center of excellence helps with the operationalize stage of your journey.

Opportunistic Enterprise Automation: Setting the Groundwork for an Optimized Organization

In part two of our enterprise automation blog series, we discuss the second phase of your automation maturity journey, opportunistic maturity.

How to Use a Business Process Management Tool to Navigate Your Business Problems

Navigating your business processes can sometimes feel like being stuck in a maze. Learn how a BPM tool can illuminate the path to success.

Technology: What’s the Right Way to Automate a Process?

Automating a process isn’t a quick fix. Before introducing new workflow technology into your workplace, first, evaluate existing processes.

What to Consider When Implementing RPA in the Workplace

Virtual assistants and similar tech are becoming commonplace at work. But implementing RPA into the workplace isn’t a blanket solution.