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Mehani Hakim

Mehani Hakim

Senior Consultant | India Data Analytics

Mehani has been with Centric for almost four years and has eight years of experience in development and analysis technologies such as SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, Azure, Matillion, Microsoft BI Stack and Power BI. Currently based out of Delhi, India, Mehani is a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate with a Master’s in Computer Applications from Indraprastha University, Delhi. She has developed a keen interest in interior designing and decorating, and she loves reading and exploring mountains.

Meet Your Guide: Navigate What’s Next with Mehani Hakim

Mehani Hakim is a Senior Consultant with Centric India’s Data Analytics team, specializing in ETL development. She is experienced in SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, Azure, Matillion, Microsoft BI Stack, and Power BI.

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