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Joyce Meyer-Warren

Joyce Meyer-Warren

National Lead | Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Joyce has over two decades of professional experience in management consulting and industry. She successfully manages and delivers large, complex engagements involving designing and implementing business and technology transformations. Joyce brings her extensive expertise in people, process and technology solutions to the table to help companies navigate their business problems. She started her career in big consulting and left for local opportunities to spend more time with her husband, two children and three dogs.

4 Simple Strategies for Business Project Prioritization During a Crisis

Learn four essential steps to take when prioritizing projects while keeping long-term goals in mind, even during times of crisis.

3 Ways to Evolve the Program Management Office for the Modern Era

Program management office faces challenges at every angle. From new tech to shifting business strategies, PMOs need to modernize to keep up.

7 Tips to Empower Progress through Strategic Initiatives

In the dynamic landscape of strategic business planning, the lifeblood of success lies in the realm of strategic initiatives.

Accelerating Strategy Execution: Effective Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Discover the ways EPM can bridge the gap between strategy and execution and how upgraded capabilities can help your business achieve value.

Mastering Strategic Planning for Business: 7 Essential Tips for Driving Change

A unified vision and strategic planning are essential to your business, serving as a compass for growth and informed decision making.