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Providing an innovative delivery framework for long-term management, maintenance and enhancement of custom or packaged applications, environments and test suites.
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As our expanding global marketplace continues to create competition for skilled resources and pressures for companies to do more with less, it is no wonder why IT executives are turning to reliable outsourcing partners for a competitive advantage.

Many firms offer outsourcing services, but very few do the “right thing” for clients every time. Our outsourcing solutions drive higher levels of performance, eliminate worry regarding resource continuity and lower IT costs.

We merge our seasoned professionals and management best practices to create a flexible, scalable and global delivery model.

We combine client-site, onshore and offshore delivery capabilities to drive true business value. Whether we’re supporting new business strategies or enhancing legacy applications, our clients can have confidence that their critical business applications are in good hands.

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Application Outsourcing Key Values



Outsourcing Delivery Framework

Our outsourcing experts work with teams across our company such as Agile, Enterprise Collaboration, Mobile App Development, and Cloud Computing to help clients plan, develop and deploy custom or packaged business solutions.

We realize the importance of onsite teams working directly with your team. In addition to fulfilling this need, we can also use our Solution Center and offshore teams for industrialized development, infrastructure and processes.

Delivery Services

We provide:

  • Proven methodologies and certified resources
  • Global delivery options: a combination of client-site, onshore and offshore
  • Custom or packaged software, mobile, business intelligence, portal and cloud delivery teams
  • Cloud-ready Proof of Concept (POC) capability
  • Tools, templates, infrastructure and other jump-start project launch accelerators

Outsourcing Advisory Services

Our team serves as trusted advisors to guide clients in getting the most out of outsourcing management, maintenance and enhancements.

We show how outsourcing IT application delivery capabilities can bring a real value-add to IT services and strategic business objectives.

Outsourcing Advisory Capabilities

Our delivery capabilities, combined with low turnover, bring top talent continuity to clients at a competitive price point.

We provide the following services:

  • Business Case Development
  • Application Outsourcing
  • Onsite, Offsite, and Offshore Development
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Help and Service Desk (ITIL / ITSM)

Outsourcing Management and Maintenance Needs

IT executives may find themselves in a situation where the knowledge of a particular business application is retained by a single resource, creating a single point of failure in terms of organizational succession planning. Executives may also find that a bulk of application development is focused on supporting business applications that aren’t necessarily creating a competitive advantage for the company.

Our outsourcing solutions can help address these concerns while reducing the total cost of ownership in supporting these core business applications. We achieve this by providing the following:

Level 2 and 3 Application Support
  • Fractional support staffing
  • Legacy application support services
  • Custom or packaged solutions
  • Industry best practice Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • 24x7x365 call center support
Software Quality Assurance
  • Manual and automated testing assistance
  • Performance and load testing
  • Our Delivery Excellence Program (risk management)
Management and Maintenance Services
  • Application and Database management
  • System performance monitoring and reporting
  • Database and application upgrade services
  • Application patching
  • Application security management

We can be a seamless extension of your organization.