Cloud Hosting on Microsoft Azure Used to Develop Robust Marketing Platform

Centric built a custom .NET marketing platform that utilizes a majority of Azure tools. The platform now supports billions of requests per day.

The Business Need

A Seattle-based software company’s marketing team has a variety of channels at their disposal to reach their customer base outside of traditional email campaigns. To support their complex multi-channel needs, a robust cloud-based hosting environment is required. The environment needs to scale to support more than 100 million desktop and mobile clients making API calls to retrieve targeted messaging. It needs to have lightning fast and redundant storage capabilities. It needs to support worldwide regional deployments. It also needs work seamlessly and be a highly reliable platform that removes the need to manage servers and patches.

Centric’s High-Impact Approach

The software company engaged with Centric to help build out a .NET custom marketing platform that can support billions of requests per day. The platform utilizes a variety of Microsoft Azure tools.

Features of the platform also include:

  • More than 800 (and growing) web and worker roles, resulting in more than 1,700 cones.
  • Rich adoption of Azure Table Storage, Blob Storage, and Azure SQL to store terabytes of data with extremely fast retrievals.
  • Utilization of Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus to move data at gigabytes-per-second capacities.
  • Immediate insight into the health and status of each of the 20+ services deployed through Application Insights. Functionality also includes full monitoring and alerting.


As a result of this new, robust marketing platform, the company has been able to expand its marketing and data capacity exponentially without costly system administration or the purchase of a single, on-premise server to meet all partner demands and requests.

  • The company can now meet the scale and demand of partners and customers without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.
  • Now, a single DevOps resource is able to manage the entire platform instead of needing a large team of system administrators for traditional hosting.
  • Partners now have greater confidence in the platform to maintain SLAs and other “out of the box” metrics.
  • The company now has strengthened their ability to conduct tests and other short-term tasks on a massive scale. The ability also exists to scale up or down quickly with the click of a mouse.