How is your organization measuring change? In her webinar, Centric’s Colleen Campbell reviewed how to effectively measure and communicate your change results.

If you missed it, see the full webinar in the video below.

On Feb. 23, former Change Management and Leadership Practice Lead, Colleen Campbell discussed how change measurement is becoming an increasingly important discipline.

Participants learned how to implement change measurement, manage its growth and ensure ongoing engagement around the metrics.

Key points covered included:

  • Why change measurement is important for project and change success
  • How to engage stakeholders in the change management metrics conversation and create target metrics
  • How to manage the measurement process throughout your project lifecycle
  • How to communicate your results effectively to drive further engagement

The webinar, in its entirety, is below. In addition, Colleen’s slide presentation is available for viewing and downloading. 

View the Slides

Download the Slide Presentation

Metrics on the Money: The Art & Science of Change Measurement from Centric Consulting