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3 Ways to Ensure You Use the Right Insurtech Solutions to Solve Tough Industry Challenges

In this blog, we share three ways to make sure you realize the benefits of your insurtech solutions and avoid sprawl in your organization.

Apache Spark: How You Can Revolutionize the Way You Handle Insurance Data

We know for insurance providers processing and analyzing large amounts of data is an important part of your business. Apache Spark can help.

Testing ChatGPT: Evaluating Its Perspective on Insurance Industry Technology Trends

In this blog, one of our insurance experts asks ChatGPT about industry trends and evaluates the results.

Using AI and ML to Improve Life Insurance and Annuity Processes

We discuss the effects of COVID on the life insurance and annuity industry and provide a solution to improve processes using AI and ML.

Creating Modern User Experiences for Insurance Agents, Policyholders and Prospects

How we improved CompSource Mutual's digital experience for its employees and customers.

5 Key Takeaways from InsureTech Connect 2022

We share our top takeaways from this year’s InsureTech Connect Conference, including what to look forward to in the upcoming year.

Using BPM to Deliver Improved Process Orchestration

We helped a major life insurance and annuity provider improve their processes with business process management.

How Automation Improves the Healthcare Insurance Claims Process

We walk through how you can use automation in your healthcare insurance claims process to improve both the patient and employee experience.

Centric Consulting to Sponsor Guidewire Connections Conference

Centric will showcase its cloud post-implementation expertise at this year's Guidewire Connections Conference.

Tying CRM, Core Systems and Digital Together in Insurance

We share how using a CRM, core systems and a digital strategy together can improve the customer experience in insurance.

Centric Consulting to Sponsor Insuretech Connect Conference

The future of insurance and data analytics is here! Come see us at the annual Insuretech Connect (ITC) conference this September.

Operationalizing Insurance with Data

Join our Cincinnati team for an event on Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. We will focus on how insurance carriers can use the power of data and analytics.