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Using BPM to Deliver Improved Process Orchestration

We helped a major life insurance and annuity provider improve their processes with business process management.

How Automation Improves the Healthcare Insurance Claims Process

We walk through how you can use automation in your healthcare insurance claims process to improve both the patient and employee experience.

Centric Consulting to Sponsor Guidewire Connections Conference

Centric will showcase its cloud post-implementation expertise at this year's Guidewire Connections Conference.

Tying CRM, Core Systems and Digital Together in Insurance

We share how using a CRM, core systems and a digital strategy together can improve the customer experience in insurance.

Centric Consulting to Sponsor Insuretech Connect Conference

The future of insurance and data analytics is here! Come see us at the annual Insuretech Connect (ITC) conference this September.

Operationalizing Insurance with Data

Join our Cincinnati team for an event on Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. We will focus on how insurance carriers can use the power of data and analytics.

Couch Convos: Using a Security Logging Framework with Guidewire

In this episode of Couch Convos, we sit down with our Insurance experts to talk about using a security logging framework with Guidewire.

Using RPA to Improve Workflow in Insurance

Applying RPA to insurance practices isn't intuitive, but implementation allows carriers to achieve more productive activities.

Life Insurance Underwriting: The Recurring Dream of Improvement

As customer expectations change, it’s imperative that companies improve their life insurance underwriting efficiency. We examine three ways to do that.

The COVID Conundrum for Actuaries in Insurance (and How AIML Will Solve It)

Our blog series about actuarial in insurance, we’ll take a high-level look at how AI and ML (AIML) will help solve issues brought on by COVID-19.

Top 5 Insurance Trends for 2022

We look at 2022’s top five trends in the insurance industry, focusing on the central theme we see: new technology and innovation.

Driving Better Business Decisions Through Data Access in Microsoft Azure

We helped an insurance company make their business-critical data more consumable in Microsoft Azure to drive business decisions.