On this Magic Monday, we promote the positive benefits of letting yourself be happy, in all aspects of your life.

Everyone always talks about it, how powerful and positive happiness can be in your life. Shawn Achor talks about the science behind it in this awesome Ted Talk. The secret to doing well at work and an overall better life is being happy. So take some time this week to be happy, encourage others around you to practice happiness as well.

But here’s the big question you’re still left with: How do you become happier? In Shawn’s Ted Talk (a well worth and entertaining twelve minutes), he describes studies that have shown how performing simple habits consistently for 21 days will actually rewire our brain to keep up those healthy habits. Therefore making you happier, able to see opportunities and to be more engaged in the tasks before us.  Here are few of those habits…

  • Write down 3 new things you are grateful for every day
  • Journal about a positive experience that happened each day
  • Exercise to teach your brain that your behavior matters
  • Meditate to train your brain to focus on present tasks
  • Practice random, intentional and conscious acts of kindness by sending a single positive email to someone each day

No matter our foundational personalities, research has shown a happier, more positive outlook is great for creating better outcomes in your work. Try to create these positive habits and you’ll see results that will make you smile.

For us at Centric, having our employees take a happier approach to their work makes them much more likely to create unmatched experiences.