On this Magic Monday, we talk about how we can be better in meetings.

How much of your day is spent in meetings with your clients? An hour, two hours, half your day… your entire day?!

No matter the amount of time, there certainly will be meetings you need to lead or be a participant in. You need to have great meeting credibility in order to provide your clients with the best information and overall experience.

This short article has five behaviors to avoid for you to be the best you can be in meetings. Ask yourself, is there something you need to focus upon this week to improve your meeting credibility?

Five behaviors to avoid in meetings:

  1. Interrupting: Serial interrupting in meetings does major damage to your credibility.
  2. Arriving Late or Unprepared: Everyone is busy with hectic lives. If you let that keep you from bringing you’re A-game to the meeting, then your credibility will suffer.
  3. Getting Distracted by Your Device: If you know you’re going to be interrupted, let the meeting facilitator know in advance and quietly step out of the meeting to handle the emergency, but don’t scroll through your phone during the meeting.
  4. Getting Defensive: Approach disagreement with an attitude of curiosity rather than defensiveness. Seek to understand and your credibility will grow.
  5. Qualifying Your Statements: State your opinion in a calm and open manner and keep your attitude of curiosity.

Take these tips and start making your Monday’s (and your entire week) magic! Do you have any helpful tips for being more productive in meetings? We want to know!