In this series, Centric’s Learning Manager, Heather Bahorich discusses the benefits and importance of being a lifelong learner.

Sometimes we forget to exercise the most important muscle – our brain. But Heather Bahorich, our Learning Manager, reminds us all, in a series of blogs, how to continuously exercise our mind by keep learning consistent and why it’s important.

“In order to remain competitive, employers need to provide engaging and interesting opportunities for their employees to learn and grow at work,” said Heather Bahorich, Learning Manager at Centric. “We believe that all learning matters and it happens throughout the course of our lives, not just in a classroom. We’re excited to partner with Degreed to give our team another outlet to become lifelong learners.”

In June 2017, we joined the ranks of learning innovators using Degreed. We take pride in our educated employees who are always striving to learn more every day – and encourage them to be #lifelonglearners.

With Degreed, our staff is able to have more meaningful learning on topics they want to know more about to provide their clients with an unmatched experience.

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About Our Degreed Platform

Degreed, the fast-growing company that has created an engaging, beautiful and intuitive way to empower and recognizes all forms of professional and lifelong learning and Centric Consulting joined the ranks of learning innovators using Degreed.

The partnership between Degreed and Centric allows employees to track daily learning in a way that is simple, convenient, and social. Employees are able to easily share knowledge and connect with common learning interests using learning pathways, article recommendations or the company’s sponsored book club. Employees are also able to recognize when learning happens by using the platform to save and review what they’ve learned.