On this Fab Friday, let’s inspire. 

You have the opportunity to be a leader. You have the opportunity to inspire yourself and others around you every day.  Doing so will help with overall motivation, engagement, and satisfaction of everyone.

Carmine Gallo writes about 7 ways to make this happen. Set aside 4 to 5 minutes to read this article and consider one thing you can do to be an inspirational leader. We also made you a cheat sheet, take a quick look at this summary list and start being an inspiration.

Inspiring leaders…

  • Express a passionate commitment to serving their team
  • Communicate a bold, specific, and consistent vision
  • Sell the benefit behind their ideas
  • Tell powerful, memorable, and actionable stories
  • Invite feedback
  • Act as beacons of hope
  • Praise people and encourage them to be their best selves

You don’t have to be in leadership to inspire those around you. Practice these habits no matter your role, you’ll make a positive impact on those around you.