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Magic Monday: Appreciating the Real Hero’s Journey

This Magic Monday, we’re reflecting on graduation season and what the real hero’s journey actually looks like and how we can affect others with kindness.

Magic Monday: Celebrating Small Victories

This Magic Monday, we pause to celebrate the small victories that pave the path to bigger milestones and help you achieve greater goals.

Magic Monday: Reframing the Way We Look at Failure

This Magic Monday, we look at failure. What it is and why it’s actually good for us to fail.

Magic Monday: Avoiding Passive-Aggressive Tendencies

This Magic Monday, we look at how we can avoid responding to digital communications with passive-aggressive language and communicate successfully.

Magic Monday: The Science of Kindness

This Magic Monday, we look at the science of kindness – what it is and how it affects our desire to pay it forward.

Magic Monday: Harness Your Energy and Motivation

This Magic Monday, we focus on ways you can stay motivated and energized when faced with overwhelming tasks or workload at home and at work.

Magic Monday: Freshen Up With Spring Cleaning

This Magic Monday, we focus on the benefits of starting fresh with the arrival of spring. We share three ways you can revitalize your space and your mind.

Magic Monday: Identifying and Addressing Burnout

In this Magic Monday, we focus on the realities of burnout and how we can help ourselves and each other through it.

Magic Monday: Looking Forward With Hope

In this Magic Monday, we take the lessons from the past year and use them to look forward in hope.

Magic Monday: Finding Happiness by Transforming Negative Circumstances into Creative Solutions

In this special edition of Magic Monday, we look at what really makes us happy. Is it our circumstances or our attitudes?

Magic Monday: Have You Heard of Hygge?

This Magic Monday we cozy up with the word "Hygge." We look at how the feeling of comfort and wellness contributes to creativity. 

Magic Monday: 6 Fundamental Principles for Navigating Uncertainty

This Magic Monday we take a look at six key principles for navigating through life, whether at work or home when things are so uncertain.