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Research & Insights

Use research and data to create better products, services, and customer experiences.


With customers’ expectations constantly changing, putting yourself in their shoes with research and insights is critical to better understanding who they are and what they need. Centric Consulting improves customer understanding by capturing the correct information to make effective product, service, marketing, and operations decisions.

Our clients often seek to eliminate roadblocks to becoming a more customer-centric organization. We help companies develop a deep understanding of their customers to create more meaningful experiences, improve business outcomes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Knowing how, what, and where to listen to the voice of the customer requires specialized disciplines. It’s essential to gather the correct data and interpret the complexities of human thoughts and emotions effectively.

The shift from reactive decision-making to data-driven, predictive decision-making eliminates reliance on anecdotes and outdated insights. Reliable information and customer personas lead to better strategies and positive customer relationships.

Our team of customer experience (CX) experts can help you perform customer understanding activities or build your internal capability for capturing and analyzing research, data, and insights.

Unlock the Value of Customer Understanding

Inform and Enrich Your Business Strategy

Uncover unmet consumer needs and market opportunities to develop competitive growth strategies.

Rally Your Organization Around the Customer

Create a shared understanding of who your customer is and how to meet their needs among everyone in your organization.

Create Products and Services People Actually Want

Go to market with products that drive customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty.

How Our Team Works With You

We work right alongside you. First, we gather and interpret information. Then we work with the right people to determine what to take action on based on your business goals.​

We use a variety of techniques for customer understanding such as market research and customer journey mapping to help you reshape and improve your customer interactions.​

Our research and insights methods

To improve customer centricity, you must embed principles of understanding and empathy into your organization’s DNA.


In-depth discovery sessions like interviews or workshops provide a wealth of insights that usually lead to innovative transformation. This qualitative information provides a check and balance against other hard data.​


Just like pilots evaluate weather data as part of their flight plan, businesses need data about current market conditions to be successful.​


 Data is only as good as your ability to interpret it, and it starts with knowing the right data to evaluate. Our extensive experience across industries can you build the right gauges to navigate changing conditions.​

Our Customer Experience experts can help you build your own internal capability for capturing and analyzing research, data and insights.



Slide the Empty Chair Closer to Understanding Your Customers

To better understand your customers, you must learn how to gather data and collect information
about how they interact with your product or service. Then, you can interpret trends and patterns in customer behaviors.

In this white paper, we guide you on how to gather and analyze research and insights, which slides you closer to understanding who sits in the chair, helping you create a customer-centric organization.


How Centric Stands Out

We deliver an experience unmatched anywhere else, with knowledgeable and thoughtful consultants plus flexible, tailored approaches – all centered on the right outcomes for your business.

Customer experience strategies and solutions that help us win

As a mid-size insurance carrier, we value partners that consistently put our goals as their top priority. The Centric Consulting team is a true ally, committed to delivering strategy and solutions that help us win. They take the time to listen, learn and understand the business objectives. Their comprehensive collaboration process ensures success.

Chad Zenner, Chief Marketing Officer, CompSource Mutual

Benefits of Customer Understanding

Our partner, Salesforce, surveyed 15,000+ consumers and business buyers worldwide and found that people expect the benefits that customer understanding enables. (Salesforce Research: State of the Connected Customer)

of respondents say customer service is important to their brand loyalty
of customers expect brands to show empathy
of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs

This blog series about customer understanding and empathy walks you through the strategies and tools needed to successfully reach your customers and exceed their expectations.

Meet Our Customer Understanding Leaders

Christine Pearce

Research and Insights Capability Lead

Noah Grayson

Customer Experience Lead

Colin McGee Headshot

Colin McGee

Digital Experience Design Lead

Create experiences your customers will love and gain knowledge about who they are and what they want.