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Zach Tesler

Zach Tesler

Zach Tesler | Architect | Cleveland Operational Excellence

Zach specializes in automation solutions and RPA architecture, with 15 years of IT experience in process improvement, software development, and data analysis. He lives near Cleveland, Ohio, where he also owns and operates several local coffee shops.

RPA: Scaling from 1 to 100 Bots, Part 2

This story explores the journey to RPA maturity, from a single bot to an enterprise automation program. As the RPA landscape evolves, companies must embrace process automation to stay competitive.

RPA: Scaling from 1 to 100 Bots

Join us as we explore the journey of our company in adopting RPA, starting with a few bots and moving towards a full-fledged program of 100 bots. Part 2 coming soon!

RPA + AI: Peanut Butter Cups and the Road to Hyperautomation

The idea of introducing hyperautomation into your company may have you feeling overwhelmed. But it's easy to pair AI with RPA to get a good combination.

Stuck in an Automation Rut? Energize Your RPA Program

With its ease of use and quick return on investment, companies quickly adopted RPA. But now, their RPA programs simply aren’t meeting their expectations.

Is Citizen Development the Key to RPA Success?

A citizen developer model distributes, decentralizes and accelerates RPA delivery. We compare it with an enterprise RPA model to help with your integration.