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Mark Dorfmueller

Mark Dorfmueller

Consultant | CIO Services

Mark is an executive leader in Fortune 100 companies (P&G and GE) with 38 years of expertise in Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Excellence, IT Architecture and Exponential Innovation. He is currently a part of Centric’s CIO Services team.

Application Rationalization: Creating a Healthy Digital Landscape

Application rationalization is an important step in maintaining the digital health of your company. We share how you can rein in your apps.

Working with Vendors for Smarter Software Solution Selection

Even with the best understanding of your business’s capabilities and key requirements, purchasing a software solution is hard.

Identify Your Key Business Requirements for Smarter Software Selection

An Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) can narrow your software purchase choices, but you must also identify key business requirements.

Connect Strategy to Action with an Enterprise Architecture Framework

A well-crafted Enterprise Architecture Framework helps you understand your organization’s capabilities and your supporting digital assets.

6 Ways to Measure the Health of Your Application Architecture

In this fourth part of our IT Infrastructure series, we look at areas to consider when assessing your application architecture’s health.