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Jim Conrady

Jim Conrady

CIO Consultant | CIO Services

Jim has served in many technology and leadership roles in IT as a Director, VP, and CIO. His primary focus right now is helping customer organizations in improving their IT posture. Personally, Jim is involved in serving the marginalized members of our society by working with St. Vincent de Paul and sports leagues for Special Needs athletes.

How to Improve Your IT Maturity, Especially Now

IT maturity is the crux of an organization's success. When a company is strategic about plans for increasing its IT skillset, it leads to happy customers.

Assessing Your IT Risk Profile

IT risk is not a thrilling type of uncertainty. And risk gone wrong is disastrous. Here are three steps to analyze and manage your company's IT risk.

How to Decide Whether to Outsource Your IT Infrastructure

In part three of our Technology Assessment Framework series, we look at what to do when your IT assessment recommends outsourcing your infrastructure.