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Mobile Solution Produces Award-Winning Results for Healthcare Provider

VITAS and Centric create award-winning mobile solution that allows clinicians to focus on the patient at the bedside.

Using Mobile Payments to Jump-Start Customer Engagement

Gaming developers have figured how to use in-app purchases to engage users and make money. Can business apps follow the same model to Conquer App Fatigue?

Local Non-Profit Improves Processes With New Mobile App

Centric developed a mobile application for our client using Xamarin that would allow people in need to come to them and request services.

Is Your Mobile Strategy Missing the Mark?

Your enterprise must take certain steps to build successful mobile solutions. We developed a playbook to guide enterprises through development.

Conquer Mobile App Fatigue Blog Series

Conquer mobile app fatigue with our five-part series that provides best practices and insights for improving mobile customer engagement.

The Next Wave of Mobile is Engagement

How do we improve customer engagement with mobile? Here are five best practices for getting started:

How to Increase App Engagement with Mobile Payments

In blog five of a series, we highlight how industries are using mobile payments to increase customer engagement.

5 New Business Models for Mobile Payments

In blog four of a series, we explore five new business models that use mobile payments to drive customer engagement.

Why You Should Invest in Mobile Payment Technologies

In blog three of a five-part series, we explore how to build a business case for investing in mobile payments.

5 Signs Your Company’s Mobile App is Obsolete

Read blog two in a series. We will explore five signs to determine whether your mobile app is obsolete.

5 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Mobile App

In blog one of a five-part series on conquering app fatigue, we explore five best practices for breathing new life into your mobile app.

The Role of Mobile Apps in a Digital Strategy

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets today, mobile apps are a critical component of many digital strategies.