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Citizen Development: How Formal Design Processes Drive App Adoption

App development with low-code/no-code tools is here to stay. Without the right emphasis on user experience, you risk releasing apps that don’t help your business.

3 Core Constructs for Digital Solutions To Help Grow Your Business

Before investing in new digital solutions, your organization must adopt several core constructs to make customer experiences thrive. 

Centre for Neuro Skills Uses Centric’s IoT Software to Improve Provider-to-Patient Ratios

Centric Consulting helps the Centre for Neuro Skills integrate a beacon technology framework to deliver innovative patient care improvements.

Going All In With An Outside-In Approach To Insurance

Customer journey mapping employs an “outside-in” approach. In this white paper, our Insurance Practice leaders explain.

Nine Steps to Navigating a Post-Implementation Journey

Overcoming post-transformation Property & Casualty challenges and making the most of your core system modernization investment.

Using Mobile Payments to Jump-Start Customer Engagement

Gaming developers have figured how to use in-app purchases to engage users and make money. Can business apps follow the same model to Conquer App Fatigue?

5 Key Digital Trends for Growth and Innovation

Our digital thought leaders share what they see for the future of strategy, design, marketing and technology. We arrived at five digital trends.

The Future of Digital Collaboration for Property and Casualty Carriers

Advancements in digital collaboration & tools will boost employee productivity & efficiency, like the internet did with data & info access.

Disruptive Technology: The Digital Disruption That Is More Than Just Tech

The speed at which disruptive technology integrates into our day to day is increasing along with the applications of how we apply it in business and life.

Blog Series: Ten Key Components of a Digital Strategy

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Digital Trends: Voice User Interface Expands Into The Enterprise

The success of voice-enabled personal assistants is ushering in the next disruption in business computing: Voice User Interface or VUI.

Top 5 Things Innovators do to Improve Their Digital Strategy

What makes a good innovator? Jason Miller dives into the best ways an innovator can improve their digital strategy.