Centric played a key role in design and implementation of Guidewire ClaimCenter, enabling the entire claims process to run more efficiently and consistently.

Business Need

A large and notable property and casualty insurer realized that their current claims administration systems were not keeping pace with evolving customer and agent needs. Claims were being handled similarly across product lines, but not efficiently due to limited technology and manual processes.

So the company embarked on implementation efforts to revamp their claims administration processes and systems. The company selected Guidewire as the base software package for their Claims Administration and Processing (CAS Program).

Enter Centric

Centric helped by defining and structuring the overall CAS program, as well as guiding the execution of the program. As a key partner on this initiative, Centric was involved in various aspects of the package implementation and systems development life cycle.

From design to implementation of Guidewire’s ClaimCenter, Centric was there to drive business decisions. We conducted functional design activities, produced test scenarios for downstream phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC), and guided various business teams on standardizing work flows across the organization.

During the build / configuration phase, Centric worked hard to inventory all current accounting and claims reports, identifying the purpose of each field and mapping them to the ClaimCenter. All reports were delivered successfully.

And, when it came to managing organizational change, Centric was also there to lead the operational readiness team. We played a key role in creating training materials and facilitating training sessions to ensure end-user test preparation and execution. In an effort to ensure a successful outcome, we also supported the agency field sites during conversion to the CAS platform.

The Results

The company’s user community has embraced ClaimCenter’s modern technology and intuitive design, which allows them to conduct their work throughout the entire claims process more efficiently and consistently.

Approximately 1,000 users (300 of which are claim personnel) are now in production with ClaimCenter, serving the needs of more than 470,000 member families. ClaimCenter replaces the company’s legacy claims system.  

Testimonials on Centric’s work:

“Our recent ClaimCenter implementation proved very beneficial in handling the influx of Hurricane Ike related claims. With ClaimCenter, we can immediately assign claims to the most qualified adjusters during the loss intake process, based on the expertise the claim requires and adjuster workloads, resulting in better and quicker policyholder service.”

“Working with Guidewire was a positive experience for our organization. Our deployment of a web-based claims handling solution will help us efficiently manage our operations, IT support efforts, and overall costs.”

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