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Solutions for Customer Understanding

Research and insights that uncover actionable information to be a truly customer-centric business.



With customers’ expectations constantly changing, it’s critical to understand who they are and what they need. Drive innovation for your brand, products, and services with Centric Consulting’s research and insights solutions.

Companies that foster understanding and empathy with their customers create more meaningful experiences that improve business outcomes.

Our solutions help organizations gain better customer understanding to foster innovation for your brand, products, and consumer experiences while solving both strategic and tactical business challenges. Whether you are seeking experts to perform customer understanding activities or looking to build your own internal capability, our team will help you get there.

Unlock the Value of Customer Understanding

Inform and Enrich Your Business Strategy

Uncover unmet customer needs and market opportunities to develop competitive growth strategies.

Rally Your Organization Around the Customer

Create a shared understanding of consumer insights throughout your organization and put them to work.

Create Products and Services People Actually Want

Go to market with products and services that drive customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty.

How Our Team Works With You

We work alongside you to deploy research and insights practices that ensure the voice of the customer is included in the design of any solution. Our primary research helps embed insights capabilities for our clients that constantly reshape and improve your customer interactions.

Through an array of methodologies, we extract information from customers that, in turn, creates a shared understanding so you can make more informed decisions that allow you to build more meaningful relationships with them. These insights can then identify opportunities to differentiate your brand.

Customer experience strategy and solutions that help us win

As a mid-size insurance carrier, we value partners that consistently put our goals as their top priority. The Centric Consulting team is a true ally, committed to delivering strategy and solutions that help us win. They take the time to listen, learn and understand the business objectives. Their comprehensive collaboration process ensures success.

Chad Zenner, Chief Marketing Officer, CompSource Mutual


Slide the Empty Chair Closer to Customer Understanding

To better understand your customers, you must learn how to gather data and collect information
about how they interact with your product or service. Then, you can interpret trends and patterns in customer behaviors.

In this white paper, we guide you on how to gather research and insights, which slides you closer to understanding who sits in the chair, helping you create a customer-centric organization.


Our research and insights methods

Creating compelling customer experiences is not a one-time project. To be a true customer-centric organization, you must embed principles of understanding and empathy into your organization’s DNA.


Used to solve a specific need, challenge, or opportunity.

Example: 1:1 Interviews


Used to gain a better understanding of market forces influencing customers’ decisions.

Example: Market Studies


Used for insights to be distributed to the enterprise or parts of the organization.

Example: Data Mining

We strive to be a trusted partner that provides the solutions you need to chart your path forward.

We deliver an experience unmatched anywhere else, with knowledgeable and thoughtful consultants plus flexible, tailored approaches – all centered on the right outcomes for your business.

Not sure what you need yet? We can help you keep pace in the ever-changing digital world.

Benefits of Customer Understanding

Our partner, Salesforce, surveyed 15,000+ consumers and business buyers worldwide and found that people expect the benefits that customer understanding enables. (Salesforce Research: State of the Connected Customer)

of respondents say customer service is important to their brand loyalty
of customers expect brands to show empathy
of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs

Our customer understanding and empathy blog series walks you through the strategies and tools you need to successfully reach your customers and exceed their expectations.

Meet Our Customer Understanding Leaders

Christine Pearce

Research and Insights Capability Lead

Noah Grayson

Research and Insights Expert

Brian Schwartz

Digital Experience Design Lead

We love our clients.


Our capabilities stretch our clients’ thinking, push the boundaries of possibility, and ensure we develop value-based solutions. We leverage incubators and accelerators that encourage people to think about how to take solutions from theory to practice.

Customer Experience Design

Engineer experiences that make businesses thrive.

  • Visioning and Viability
  • Research and Insights
  • Experience Engineering / Architecture
  • Customer Experience Maturity Modeling

Digital Experience Design

Prepare for a world where every surface is a digital interface.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Modernization
  • Digital Design and Enablement
  • Design as a Service

Service Design

Configure operations for greater relevance and effective delivery of customer experiences.

  • Visioning and Viability
  • Channel Strategy and Design
  • Business Impact and Readiness
  • Front and Back Office Integration
  • Prioritization and Roadmaps

Create Experiences
Your Customers Will Love

Gain Knowledge About Who They Are and What They Want.