Business Anywhere Client Story

Centric Consulting Helps AI Firm Restructure for Growth

Enter Centric: Offering Cross-Discipline Expertise

Centric Consulting was the ideal partner to architect the new operating model – our expertise in organizational design, change leadership, communication and change management exactly aligned to what was needed to ensure the project’s success.

We tackled all three areas simultaneously, which required a massive amount of coordination – especially considering this took place at the height of Covid when teams couldn’t get together in person.

The organization shifted from operating with decentralized, semiautonomous regions to a design that aligned Sales, Professional Services and Engineering on how to support new and existing global customers. This was accomplished by moving to a scalable operating model with common jobs and roles for each region and new “Centers of Expertise” to facilitate quality assurance and ongoing knowledge management.

We knew leadership alignment and workforce adoption would be the biggest hurdles. To overcome resistance to the updated model, we worked closely in partnership with the executive steering committee and a team of more than 30 engineers, project managers and sales professionals.

Upon the project’s conclusion, the AI company was fully prepared to implement the new structure we engineered, and it had achieved commitment and engagement from employees to adopt their new roles and overall professional services operating model.

The Results: A New Structure For Future Success

The AI company’s Business Anywhere structure includes a redesigned operating model, redefined processes, common jobs and roles for each region, regardless of where they deliver the work. This updated and consistent design allows for scaling up or down easily with minimal disruption.

Additionally, through the new design we:

  • Delivered a new Centers of Expertise organization, tying the business requirements to structure and reconfiguring how the professional services team would operate
  • Facilitated access to common methods, tools and quality assurance
  • Facilitated ongoing knowledge management across the global, virtual company
  • Established leadership agreements among sales, professional services and engineering to support new and existing global customers.

The Business Anywhere design builds on the organization’s existing strength to work virtually and creates greater alignment, clarity and capability to deliver an enhanced and more consistent global customer and employee experience.

The effort – accomplished at the height of the pandemic with no in-person meetings – relieved an overtaxed workforce, designed a key portion of the organization needed for sustainable growth and established alignment across the key leaders needed for full implementation.

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