Quantum Computing

Introducing Quantum Computing into the World of Energy and Utilities

About the Authors
Pat McMillin

Pat McMillin

Lead | Energy & Utilities practice

Pat is an experienced project, process and practice management veteran with nearly 30 years experience in the industry, consulting and product development organizations. Pat draws on the process and functional expertise in billing, credit and collections, self-service, financials and deregulated electric & gas markets to build solutions that transform clients’ results. Connect with Pat on Twitter.

Carmen Fontana

Carmen Fontana

Carmen Fontana is an independent writer and thought leader with expertise and interest in cloud and emerging tech. With more than twenty years of experience, her zen is when innovation meets data-driven decision-making. She frequently talks to groups on AI, IoT and other emerging technology topics. Various publications have featured Carmen’s work, including InformationWeek, IEEE Transmitter, Security Magazine and EdTech Magazine.

She is also a cancer survivor, soccer mom and donut mile champion.

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