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Rob Cochrane

Rob Cochrane

Service Offering Lead | Indianapolis  Data and Analytics

Rob’s expertise is in data warehousing, analytics, enterprise reporting and data governance. Rob has worked in the Business Intelligence market for 25 years and lives in Indianapolis. Away from work, Rob loves to read and spend time with his family. He gives back to his community by serving on the Board of Directors for The Tipton County Boys and Girls Club of America.

Organizational Change Management: The Secret to Data Governance Success

We explain how to achieve data goverenance success with organizational change management to drive related mindsets and behaviors.

How – and How Often – You Should Get Rid of Bad Data

In this blog, we share a systematic plan for identifying data errors and inconsistencies to protect the integrity of your data.

Get to Know Microsoft Synapse: Three Benefits of Using the Tool

Dive into the benefits of Microsoft Synapse, sharing three reasons to consider using the tool for your next data and analytics project.