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Pranay Shyam

Pranay Shyam

Senior Architect | National Data & Analytics
Pranay has spent close to 15 years implementing data solutions across Healthcare, Finance and Insurance industries, and across all major technology platforms. In his current role, Pranay is focused on implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms. He is also passionate about designing sustainable and scalable solutions with an eye on delivering business insight by making data more approachable and actionable.

Why Telemetry Is the Big Data Catalyst Your Business Needs to Thrive

The ability to collect, analyze and derive meaning from data can drive sustainable growth within your organization. Telemetry can help.

Recasting IT Leaders as Strategy Partners for Growth at P&C Insurers

To remain competitive in a disruptive market and drive growth, insurance companies must recast IT leaders as strategy partners.

Applying a Customer 360-Degree View to P&C Insurance Companies

A Customer 360-view allows forward-thinking, customer-focused insurers to differentiate themselves and retain customers.

Data in Insurance: How Real is the Need for Real Time?

Learn how you can provide real-time status updates on insurance policies and claims as well as personalized reports and statistics for adjustors and agents.