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Paul Holway

Paul Holway is a St. Louis Practice Lead. With more than 20 years in the technology space, Paul has continued the rapid discovery approach, delivering technology in both corporate information technology and product development scenarios. He has expertise in core systems modernization, e-commerce, mobile technologies, cloud enablement, portal solutions, APIs, middleware and integration, business intelligence and core application development. Paul also has a passion for how to pragmatically implement and scale agile.

Cloud Security: Is Your Cloud Data Safe?

Moving to the cloud comes with risks, which is why a review of safety measures and protocol is critical before every take off.

Rated: Sensors Invade: Big Data Goes Mainstream

In 2014, Paul Holway predicted "Sensors Invade: Big Data Goes Mainstream." Was his prediction accurate?

Rated: Cloud Breaks Out of Infrastructure Groups and Into Strategic Imperatives

Last year, Paul Holway predicted that "Cloud Breaks Out of Infrastructure Groups and Into Strategic Imperatives." Was he correct?

Reclaiming Agile Development: Don’t Let the Cat Die

This presentation, Paul Holway offers agile leaders proven techniques to bring the focus of agile back to software development.

Centric Must Reads: 13 Centric-Certified Books to Inspire Your Personal and Professional Life (Book #7)

Reading is an important part of Centric’s culture – we’ve found that learning from the experiences of others is one of the best ways to be inspired. Good books and insightful lessons are shared frequently within the Centric walls –

Cloud Breaks Out of Infrastructure Groups and Into Strategic Imperatives

This post is part of a series - 14 Business and Technology Trends to Look for in 2014.  A large number of companies are weaving cloud into everything they do and starting to unleash the potential of what this flexibility affords.

Sensors Invade: Big Data Goes Mainstream

The power of sensors and big data to transform business is now too strong to ignore. Sensors have already invaded our lives, leading in good part to an exponential growth in digital data storage over the last five years. This

Building Something Exceptional

There is no easy way to leave something when you have poured your whole self into it. I have spent a week as Director of Development of Savvis’ cloud. After being part of building an incredible product and team, it