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Paul Holway

Paul Holway

Practice Lead | St. Louis

Paul has more than 20 years in the technology space, Paul has continued the rapid discovery approach, delivering technology in both corporate information technology and product development scenarios. He has expertise in core systems modernization, e-commerce, mobile technologies, cloud enablement, portal solutions, APIs, middleware and integration, business intelligence and core application development. Paul also has a passion for how to pragmatically implement and scale agile.

Cloud Security: Is Your Cloud Data Safe?

Moving to the cloud comes with risks, which is why a review of safety measures and protocol is critical before every take off.

Finding Balance as a Leader

St. Louis Technology Leader says to find to feel rewarded in your profession and personal life to achieve true balance in work and life.

Understand the Goal, Live the Mission

The goal of effective leadership is to inspire a team towards a mission, rather than solely focusing on making money.

Building Something Exceptional

Discover how a passion for technology and a dedication to building bridges between business and IT can lead to exceptional results. Join us on this journey to find balance and create innovative solutions.