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Nishant Awasthi

Nishant Awasthi

Senior Manager and Regional Lead | Chicago Business Consulting Services and Operational Excellence

Nishant is pioneering IT and business leader, he has more than 18 years of professional experience working with various Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized corporations solving their toughest business problems. He uses his technical and business expertise as a driver of end-to-end business transformation with an impact spanning multiple lines of business globally.

When not helping clients achieve their critical business objectives, Nishant enjoys time with his adorable daughter and lovely wife. He is an avid reader and follows all kinds of sports and is passionate about playing golf, tennis, or table tennis. (Follow on Twitter: @Nishant_Centric)


11 Business Assessment Questions to Build Company Resilience

Is your business ready to weather the challenges presented by today’s macroeconomic environment? Assessing your business and operating models can help.

Business Process Improvement Through the Lens of ‘Atomic Habits’

We discuss how to apply an atomic habit mindset to four common business process improvement approaches to achieve optimized performance.

Assessing Business Problem: If It Ain’t Broke, Please Fix it

Predicting business problems is tricky. Here are a few assessments you can use to evaluate issues to help you maintain business continuity.

Key Traits of Strong Leaders of Business Transformation

Through research and business consulting expertise, we’ve identified four key traits of strong leaders of business transformation.

The Important Coexistence of Strategy and Operational Excellence

We discuss how prioritizing business strategy and operational excellence together can help your organization thrive amid innovation and disruption.

Putting Software Delivery Process Efficiency into Practice: A Case Study

A life and annuity company achieved 20% process efficiencies following our approach in removing waste from software delivery processes.

Qualifying and Quantifying Waste for Better Business Agility

After defining various forms of waste in software delivery processes, we look at the tools necessary for eliminating these types of inefficiencies.

Adopting Modern Software Delivery to Be Truly Customer-Centric

When it comes to modernizing the digital elements of your business, it's important to consider the customer first.

Eliminate Waste in Agile to Improve Delivery Efficiency

Various types of wasteful processes slow down software delivery efficiency and effectiveness. Eliminate agile waste to improve business performance.