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Melissa McCall

Melissa McCall

Manager | Modern Software Delivery

Melissa is passionate about helping leaders and teams understand how to become a true team through collaboration. With a natural Agile mindset and strong understanding of Agile processes, Melissa can help teams build strong relationships that are able to withstand shifting priorities and changes to planned work.

Melissa began her career in Agile at Wal-Mart’s corporate office with a focus on infrastructure. She has more than 15 years of experience with infrastructure and 10 years of experience helping infrastructure, business and development teams learn how to be Agile. Melissa lives in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains, where she enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as knitting and cooking. Follow her on LinkedIn.

How Agile Transformation Is Revolutionizing Non-Software Industries

We explore the universal benefits of Agile transformation and provide real-world scenarios of Agile’s impact in non-software industries.

Why Healthy Relationships Are Important for Agile Teams

Healthy work relationships are the crux of high-performing, agile teams. We explain why guiding your agile teams into symbiotic interactions is important.

For Modern Software Delivery, Focus on Value, Not Utilization

What do an old school children’s puzzle and modern software delivery have in common? Both require space to move. We explain.