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“Reading over these timeless articles by our dear friend, Errol Yudelman, I am reminded of his intellect, focus, and grit. It also solidifies our team’s resolve to apply his very best attributes to our daily lives. Errol, who passed away suddenly on Feb 9, 2021, will always be deeply missed.” — Craig Holbrook, Vice President and Boston Practice Lead


Errol Yudelman served as Centric’s Financial Services Practice Lead. With a distinct ability to understand industry and competitive changes, Errol helped financial service organizations set strategic direction and develop operational plans to achieve results. He applied broad financial services experience in the retail and institutional businesses, 401K, retirement planning and asset management.

DOL Investment Advice Rule: Three Tips to Ensure Program Success

Learn what points you should consider ensuring the success of your compliance program with the new DOL Investment Advice Rule. In April 2016, the long-debated Department of Labor (DOL) Investment Advice Rule became a reality when the final rule was

Rated: Financial Companies Prepare To Advise Multi-Generational Homes

Last year, Errol Yudelman predicted that financial companies should prepare to advise multi-generational homes. Was he correct?

Financial Companies Prepare To Advise Multi-Generational Homes

Part of the series - 14 Business and Technology Trends to Look for in 2014.  Over the next two decades, there will be a huge increase in baby boomer parents moving in with their adult children. The United States is headed