OVERLAND PARK, KS, January 11, 2016 – Health Outcomes Sciences (HOS), known for helping healthcare organizations achieve clinical transformation through access to predictive models at the point of care, announces a strategic partnership with Centric Consulting, a national business consulting and technology solutions firm whose healthcare practice enables clients to imagine, execute and maintain processes that foster better outcomes.

“Our healthcare practice, led by Karla Schnell and Bryan Brewer, advocates for use of automated tools that make clinicians’ lives easier and helps them deliver high-quality care,” says Larry English, President of Centric Consulting. “The HOS ePRISM® technology platform has proven to be a powerful driver of behavior change among clinicians all across the country, and has generated substantiated improvements in outcomes.”

English is referring to the ability of ePRISM® to compute personalized measurements of risk, appropriateness, comparative effectiveness, and the like, which help clinicians take action to mitigate preventable complications, mortalities, disabilities, readmissions and other adverse events; also, to ensure treatment optimization and rational consumption of resources. ePRISM® may be deployed within any discipline, modality or setting. The platform is specialty agnostic and scalable across an enterprise, to any number of sites, departments and users.

“Making the right decisions for a patient not only impacts safety, outcomes and quality of care, it directly impacts revenue,” explains Matt Wilson, President and CEO of HOS. “It is not uncommon for a single adverse event or a single incident of a medically unnecessary therapy to cost a hospital several thousand dollars. In a year’s time, this can add up to millions.”

In the new era of value-based purchasing and risk sharing among payers and providers, the practice of precision medicine is becoming more and more critical. The economics of healthcare dictate that clinicians no longer exercise the “try everything” approach, but rather, they base decisions on personalized evidence.

“The practice of precision medicine requires clinical decision support that is specific to each individual patient, and this is exactly what HOS offers,” Wilson states. “A personalized approach not only protects patients from preventable adverse events, it helps maximize and preserve revenue.”

The two companies are joining forces to offer hospitals and health systems the HOS ePRISM® technology platform — and associated library of predictive models – in combination with Centric Consulting’s clinical transformation services.

About Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting is a business consulting and technology solutions firm providing full-service consulting services. Centric’s expert consultants help clients tackle their toughest business challenges with innovative, balanced, and measurable solutions. The firm’s healthcare team brings together hands-on clinical, operational, and financial experience to help clients imagine, execute, and maintain simple and safe healthcare processes through the support of technology. With more than 700 employees in 12 cities across the U.S., Centric is known for helping clients drive operational efficiency, improve customer service, and increase profitability. Centric was founded in 1999 and is a privately owned company.

About Heath Outcomes Sciences

Health Outcomes Sciences is propelling the practice of precision medicine through its patented content enablement platform, ePRISM®, which translates scientific models into automated evidence-based decision support solutions. By helping health and life science organizations — as well as allied technology partners — deliver the power of personalized predictive science at the point of care, the company facilitates significant and measurable improvements in clinical and financial outcomes, variations in care, appropriate use and rational consumption of resources. The company’s solutions are specialty agnostic, scalable at the enterprise level and employ a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. For additional information on Health Outcomes Sciences, visit

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