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Our Top 10 Best Blogs of 2023

We've compiled our top 10 blog posts from the year. Look back at your favorites and get ready for 2024 with Centric.

Introducing RPA as a Service

Engaging an RPAaaS provider for your automation program offers numerous benefits, including quick ROI and momentum for your team's initiatives.

How to Operationalize your Automation Program with a Center of Excellence

In part three of our enterprise automation blog series, we discuss how a center of excellence helps with the operationalize stage of your journey.

Opportunistic Enterprise Automation: Setting the Groundwork for an Optimized Organization

In part two of our enterprise automation blog series, we discuss the second phase of your automation maturity journey, opportunistic maturity.

Automate Your Business: An Introduction to Enterprise Automation Maturity

As we kick off our enterprise automation maturity blog series, we introduce what it is and how it can benefit your business through process and RPA.

BPM and RPA: 3 Things Software Vendors Won’t Tell You

Many automation vendors claim they can solve your business problems with robotic process automation (RPA) or business process management (BPM) systems.

How to Use a Business Process Management Tool to Navigate Your Business Problems

Navigating your business processes can sometimes feel like being stuck in a maze. Learn how a BPM tool can illuminate the path to success.

Customer Experience Transformation: Improving Customer Retention With Business Process Management (BPM)

We share how we helped a large regional bank evolve its user experience and retain customers.

The 3 Types of Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS)

When choosing a business process management solution (BPMS), you need to know the three different types available to your company.

Why I Like Business Process Management Technology and You Should, Too

A fellow technologist Jonathan Huang walks you through why Business Process Management solutions are so likable.

Business Process Governance: Caring for and Feeding Your Process Documentation

We explain why you need a business process governance framework and what elements you’ll want to include in yours.

Business Process Management Solution (BPMS) Success: A Project or Program?

Companies that want continuous improvement should never truly declare a Business Process Management Solution project as complete.