The article, “A Healthy Dose of Technology,” highlights Centric’s healthcare team and their mission to better integrate technology with patient care.

Centric was recently the focus of a feature article in LEAD Cincinnati, a business-to-business publication for executives in the area.LEAD-article

In an article titled, “A Healthy Dose of Technology,” Centric discusses its use of leading-edge technology in healthcare. The goal: help the industry advance patient care and meet increasing new regulatory and commercial pressures.

An excerpt:

“Healthcare providers are presented with many technology options and it can be a challenging effort to determine those that are a good investment and those which will truly help the organization achieve its short and long term goals,” explains Karla Schnell, National Healthcare Clinical Lead for Centric Consulting.

That’s where Centric’s team of expert consultants comes in, with the mission to provide actionable intelligence and technological tools that aid in collaboration from end-to-end across the care continuum: from the executive office to the point of care to the patient’s home.

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