Camillus Healthcare

Non-Profit Healthcare Center Positions for Success With Strategic Planning

Increase in Patient Visits
Increase in Employees
Received in Grants
Increase in Revenue

Enter Centric: Using an Environmental Analysis to Define Strategy

Camillus Health partnered with Centric because of our industry knowledge of how to strategically move organizations forward with new, creative and innovative ideas. As a private, non-profit organization, Camillus Health relies on its community for donated support and services. Our Miami Team Partner, Kim Caruthers, offered to provide them with a strategy review as a pro bono opportunity.

We worked closely with Camillus Health to conduct an environmental analysis as well as an inventory of current metrics, both internal and external, including quality and regulatory reporting. In all, the team collected over 24 artifacts such as reports from HRSA, HUD, Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, and Project Dade Cares. Internal documents reviewed included: utilization statistics, quality reports, employee surveys and tax returns.

We also facilitated discussions with a broad group of stakeholders, including Camillus Health executive leaders, key departmental leaders, front-line personnel and members of their Community Advisory Board and Board of Directors.

The Results: Positioned for Success in Delivering Care to those in Need

After the review and discussions, we consolidated findings, identified recommendations and prepared a report, which we presented to the Camillus Health internal team and later to the Board of Directors. The report included a list of grant funding organizations that cater to the needs of the homeless.

As a result of the detailed three-year strategic plan we created, Camillus Health Concern has:

  • Increased unique patient visits by 37 percent and overall patient visits by 30 percent
  • Increased staff from 54 employees in 2017 to 72 employees in 2020, a 33 percent increase, amid the pandemic
  • Added an additional site to increase patient access at the Salvation Army
  • Embarked on extensive collaborations with other homeless housing service providers, Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, Miami-Dade Department of Health and several local universities
  • Added radiology services to their offerings
  • Received accreditation as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • Increased grants received by over $500,000
  • Increased revenue by 15 percent.

Francis Afram-Gyening, CEO Camillus Health Concern, Inc. had the following to say about how we created value for their organization:

“Centric’s team helped us come up with a strategic plan for the future of Camillus Health – where the population is moving to, who our recruitment competitors are, and who are taking some of the patients we serve. Because of their expertise and knowledge, they were able to deliver a superb report that will help us on our mission to serve the community.”

This project identified and addressed some of Camillus Health’s most pressing concerns and positioned the organization for success in delivering care to those most in need in Miami-Dade County.

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